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Dora (05-Nov-2023)

In a few paragraphs, this drug has saved my life in so many ways! I never felt satisfied until I took Effexor. The grass became greener, the music more beautiful, and I became kinder and more patient again! I no longer have to constantly search for fun things to make life more exciting. I am no longer emotionally vulnerable. For the first time in my life, I am able to read! My ADHD has been reduced by 70% to 90%! Whether it is due to ADHD, loss of pleasure, or both, I am finally able to enjoy the simple things in life. Finally, my IQ miraculously went up 15-20 points! My thought processes are clearer and I love reading and learning! My newfound curiosity enhances my joy of living and learning. I want to thank the people who created this medicine. Not only did I get back to my old self, but I became someone I never knew I could be!

Anony T (22-Oct-2023)

This drug works. It has side effects. But it works. Tip: Take 37.5 mg every morning for 7 days. Then replace 37.5 mg every morning with 75 mg for another 7 days; by the end of the second week you will begin to feel “human” again. Add another 37.5 mg every morning for 7 days in the afternoon, but not too late to avoid insomnia. At the end of the month, replace 37.5 mg with 75 mg and take 150 mg daily with minimal side effects. Anxiety will be reduced, sentimental reactions will be curbed and more manageable. You will regain your sense of self. Remember: be patient and persevere. Do not give up, especially in the first month. Use diazepam for the first few weeks to reduce pill-induced anxiety! Ask anything you need to know! Let’s stick together!

Minerva Giovanni Biagio (29-Sep-2023)

Just received the package today, faster than I expected, great job!

Sarah J. (16-Jan-2023)

I have severe anxiety and sometimes depression. I have taken Lexapro, Prozac, and Zoloft. They did not work for me in the end. I would get very anxious after work, so I would drink alcohol and sometimes smoke to calm my nerves. The problem was that alcohol exacerbated my anxiety if I had more than two drinks. So it was a never ending cycle. I couldn’t get off the couch, couldn’t bring myself to do anything, and it was hard to even take a shower. It was hard to even take a shower! I started out on Effexor XR 37.5mg for a week or two, then increased to 75mg. At first I felt really weird, my head was spinning, and it was hard to sleep. I tolerated it! Now I’m on 75mg and it’s so much better! I used to sleep until 9:00am, now I wake up at 6:00am. I go to the gym 3 days a week, get dressed up, and now have a part time job. Effexor has literally changed my life!

Andrew Dimond (15-Jan-2023)

I received my order and it was worth the money these days. Received it 4 weeks later.

Matthew (04-Oct-2022)

I have been using this medication for exactly one year now. The areas on the top of my head and temples are still quite thin and have not re-grown or had the same reaction. I guess these areas have not gotten worse either. Certainly, the hairs are no longer bothering me when I shower or brush my hair with a hairbrush. In terms of sexual function, I have noticed a decrease in performance. I think the main thing to watch out for is the effect the drug has on PSA levels and if you are already being monitored for this before starting Propecia, it is worth keeping in mind and reminding your doctor about the PSA lowering effect of Propecia.

Ethan Walker (16-Jul-2022)

It is a good and effective health care product. I’m very happy with the seller – he offers fast delivery and great prices. I already have preliminary results and am ready to order more Propecia tablets to continue treatment.

Ryan Moore (27-Jun-2022)

This is my third order here, the last one was confiscated by customs, but the company reshipped it, so I finally received it. Always a high quality product, highly recommended and we will be back for further purchases.

Philip Moore (21-Jun-2022)

I’m so happy that this product works 100% every time and the service has been excellent. Highly recommended, thank you goodpilstore

Alex Hall (15-Jan-2021)

My first order of Cialis arrived quickly and in perfect condition, so I placed a second order. I never received my order and when I contacted customer service they told me they would refund my $107.18. I placed my original order on March 31, 2020. I believe this is a good company. Maybe they are busy dealing with Covid-19, but I hope they refund my money or give me points.

Alain (12-Jan-2021)

Used 5 times with no issues, they are the best, always in 30 days or less

Anthony (13-Jan-2021)

Dear Support Team, My package has finally arrived. It was the longest wait, but other than that, I was happy that my package was safe and sound. Weirdly, it’s been untraceable from day one. I hope this won’t happen again in the near future. Thank you,

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