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Dr Louisa Draper

Dr Draper studied at the University of Oxford and finished her training to become a doctor at University College London.

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  • MBBS: University College London Medical School
  • MA (OXON) Physiological Sciences: Oxford
Specialist area: Innovation in health care, online and digital medicine, improving access to health care, and reducing inequalities in health and well-being.
Previous Experience: After studying medicine at Oxford University, I completed my training at University College London. I spent eight years of my career in the NHS, working in a variety of specialties in prestigious hospitals throughout London. I was also involved in various charity and research projects around the world, looking for ways to reduce inequalities in healthcare. I then spent six years as Medical Director of Superdrug Online Doctor, where I devised ways for people to easily access safe medical advice and medicines online. My passion is to remove barriers to healthcare and ensure that everyone has access to the medical advice and support they need, in a way that suits them.

Hobbies and Interests: Podcasts and radio, reading recipe books, hosting big noisy dinner parties, films, festivals, swimming and travelling.